I am an award-winning student of English literature at the University of Pennsylvania, where I use bibliographic methods, theory, and etymological analysis to interrogate a wide range of historical works. My honors thesis, currently under research, focuses on the ability of material texts to prejudice nineteenth-century English departments against the writing of popular authors, specifically Charles Dickens.

I am a Victorianist, a Latinist, and a Feminist.

I also hold an avid interest in early film, especially Fritz Lang and Carl Dreyer, and a strong desire to learn a lot more about the Digital Humanities.

I will earn my B.A. in historical period English, summa cum laude and with departmental honors, in the Spring of 2018. Afterwards, I intend to pursue a doctoral degree in English literature.

In addition to these scholarly considerations, I make the best burger you’ll ever have, brew my own beer, and enjoy pickling and canning the vegetables from my garden—including fermenting my own hot sauce! My brilliant, industrious girlfriend fiancée Julia and our pound puppy Harper are partners in these adventures (they’ve also been great sports regards my chanting Latin conjugations for hours on end).



    • Departmental Honors Candidate
    • Honorable Mention, 2017  Nancy Rafetto Leach Sweeten prize for best undergraduate essay on American Literature
    • Dean’s List, 2015-2016; 2016-2017

Internships & Work Experience

    • Writer at LitCharts.com
    • Author of the study guide for Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther, Brecht’s Life of Galileo, Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost, and Doyle’s Hound of the Baskervilles.
    • Student Research Assistant & Website Designer, Price Lab for the Digital Humanities’ Ulysses Seen Project.
    • Website Designer for Dr. Melissa Wilde, UPenn Sociology


I specialize in Historical Period Literature at Penn, which means I’ve had the opportunity to study and write about authors from nearly every period of English Literature (as well as some Classical Latin Literature). Like most undergraduates, perhaps like most writers, I’ve come to wonder what I was thinking with my earlier works. Nevertheless, I’m confident they highlight both the range of literary works I’ve engaged as well as my growth as a writer. All papers available on request.


Overall: 3.92
In Major: 4.0

Spring 2018

Honors Option

Course: ENGL299: Honors Independent Study.
Adviser: Emily Steinlight.
In Progress

Digital Humanities

Course: ENGL505 (Graduate Level): Digital Humanities.
Professor: Whitney Trettien.
In Progress

Post-19th-Century American Literature

Course: ENGL583 (Graduate Level): Kinship, Sexuality, Indigeneity.
Professor: Nancy Bentley.
In Progress

Fall 2017

Honors Option

Course: ENGL311: The Honors Seminar.
Adviser: Emily Steinlight.
Paper/Course Grade: A/A
Paper: “Noname, Nemo, Nameless: The Author as Material Bias in the Henry Reed Papers.”

Medieval Literature

Course: ENGL525 (Graduate Level): Chaucer and Boccaccio.
Professor: David Wallace.
Paper/Course Grade: A+/A+
Paper: “More Medieval than the Medieval: A Material Examination of the Kelmscott Chaucer, its Antecedents, and its Motivations.”

Junior Research Seminar

Course: ENGL200: Speculation: American Futures.
Professor: Clinton Williamson.
Paper/Course Grade: A+/A+
Paper: “The Fears of a Clown: Historicizing the Masks of King’s Pennywise.”

Spring 2017

18th-Century British Literature

Course: ENGL574 (Graduate Level): Introduction to Bibliography, From Gutenberg to Google Books.
Professors: Zachary Lesser (Undergraduate Chair) and Mitch Fraas.
Paper/Course Grade: A/A
Paper: “Infected Sentences: Violent and viral transmission of polemic through material texts.”


Course: ENGL210: Joyce’s Ulysses: Making Readings.
Professors: Paul Saint-Amour and Rob Berry.
Project/Course Grade: A+/A+
Project: BiCyclops: A Ulysses Project.

Fall 2016

Renaissance Literature

Course: ENGL430 (MLA Proseminar): Shakespeare’s Variations.
Professor: Zachary Lesser (Undergraduate Chair).
Paper/Course Grade: A+/A+
Project: Wikipedia: “Der Bestrafte Brudermord”

19th-Century American Literature

Course: ENGL253: Melville, Stowe, & Douglass.
Professor: Nancy Bentley.
Paper/Course Grade: A+/A
Paper: “Broken Hallelujahs: A Critical Addendum to Brodtkorb’s Selfhood and Otherness.”*

*Honorable Mention, 2017 Nancy Rafetto Leach Sweeten prize for best undergraduate essay on American Literature

Cross-Cultural Analysis

Course: CINE365/RUSS426: Chekhov: Stage & Screen.
Professor: Vera Zubarev.
Paper/Course Grade: A+/A+
Paper: “Jaws: A Blockbuster of a New Type.”

Spring 2016

Medieval Literature

Course: ENGL221: Chivalry, Monstrosity, & Romance.
Professor: David Wallace.
Paper/Course Grade: A/A
Paper: “If the subaltern speaks, should we burn her? Feminine systems of knowledge within Arthurian legend.”


Course: ENGL092: World Film History: 1945-Present.
Professor: Timothy Corrigan.
Paper/Course Grade: A/A
Paper: “Lost in the Supermarket: A brief survey of the formal elements of traditional work in City of God.”

Fall 2015

Literary Theory

Course: ENGL294: Theory as the Letter B.
Professor: Jean-Michel Rabaté.
Paper/Course Grade: A+/A
Paper: “Convergent identities: The abolition of space in the universal history of “Tom Castro”

19th-Century British Literature

Course: ENGL101: Dickens and Film.
Professor: Emily Steinlight.
Paper/Course Grade: A+/A
Paper: “That old time religion: Monetary and moral binaries in Great Expectations”

Literature of Other Languages


Courses: LATN203/LATN204: Latin Prose/Latin Poetry.
Professor: Patrick Glauthier.
Paper/Course Grade: A/A
Works Read: The Satyricon of Petronius/The Aeneid of Vergil.


Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m always interested in feedback on my work and the possibility of collaborations—and, of course, in answering any questions you might have. Use the form below to get in touch if you’d like, and I’ll respond as quickly as possible!